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Mobile Accessories Bundle

NxWave Custom Case + Removable Kickstand + Glass Screen Protector

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Product Features and Technology

NxGen Communications is proud to be the exclusive global marketing and distribution partner of The WavCatcher technology for wireless accessory devices.

NxWave Case


NxWave Cases are non-powered solutions that give your smartphone better battery life, faster data speeds and greater signal coverages.
Smartphones constantly hunt for the best base stations. NxWave Case signal technology improves your phone’s signal searching efficiency by passively expanding its signal reach. The result is less power drawn from your phone’s battery which give your phone more resources to utilize for other tasks.
Whether or not you have acceptable signal reception, improving your phone’s wireless functions maximizes your phone’s potential. Connectivity is life. Don’t settle for good enough. Snap on a NxWave Case and go farther.

NxWave Stand

The NxWave Stand is a removable kickstand for your smartphone or smartphone case. Our geometrically designed kickstand is engineered with five magnets that allow the NxWave Stand to snap in place and provide optimal Portrait and Landscape viewing.
In addition, the NxWave Stand comes with a backplate for your stand when it is off your case to reserve the adhesive. The adhesive on our removable kickstand with last within 20 applications (actual results may vary depending on the use and care of your stand).

NxWave Protective Glass

The NxWave Protective Glass is an effective, real world solution designed for touch, clarity and protection. As with competitively branded tempered glass screen protectors, the NxWave Protective Glass passes the industry’s five major tests:CS and DOL Testing; Ball Drop Testing; Surface Hardness Testing; Water Drop Angle Testing; Static Pressure Testing. Package Contents include: Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Dust Removal Tags and Microfiber Cloth.